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The Importance of Backups

Posted by Synergy Video on 29 August 2018

Backups How does this relate to video filming for your event?
Well let me ask you have you ever wondered what would happen if a video operator was filming your presenters and their slides and The SD card they were recording onto got corrupted The power at the venue failed The Computer they stored all your rushes on whilst they were editing Went pop They arrived on s...
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Synergy Video have gone International!

Posted by Synergy Video on 15 August 2018
Synergy Video have gone International!
Well just across the ditch. We have the great opportunity to jump on the quick flight across the ditch to capture and deliver the Council of Ambulance Congress and the Resuscitation Academy over 4 days in conjunction with One Vision (A Canberra based AV Company). Having a close relationship with One Vision we were invited to support them with the 4-day event mainly through the capture of all pr...
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Free Conference Filming

Posted by Synergy Video on 9 August 2018
Free Conference Filming

Filming your event is a great way to generate a valuable record of the content of the event, but more so, it adds great value to the attendees as they are able to review and share their knowledge with their organisation - this helps show attendance value to management who are paying for their...
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Case Study - Australian Grains Industry Conference 2018

Posted by Synergy Video on 8 August 2018
Case Study - Australian Grains Industry Conference 2018
  Synergy Video has been working with the Grains Industry Conference in Melbourne for a few years now, however this year we have the opportunity to implement a couple of new features we introduced to our Streaming and conference capture service in the last few months
  These included A second remotely operated video Camera, this gave us the ability to get a better...
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Will an Online Event take people away from the event?

Posted on 9 January 2018
When we start to look at the change happening with corporate events, there has started to be a big swing to taking the event online to generate more income, but most of all, generate more conversation. This has largely been seen in the government sector. As the trend starts to flow into the general corporate events market there has been one overall concern that stops a lot of event managemen...
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