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Download generic release form for video content
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Generic Release Form

Are you sure you own your video content? You may be shocked to learn that without authorisation to show the content from each of your presenters or actors, your videos may not be able to be broadcast publicly. Fortunately, we've got an actor release form you can use.

An actor release form is a legal agreement between you and the actor. It transfers to you the rights to use any performance that was made in conjunction with your video or event.  Without a signed actor release form, you do not have the right to use an actor's image, voice, or performance, and they can at any time request the removal of the video from the public display.

Commonly, actor/presenter release forms also allow you to create promotional materials with fewer issues.

Please note: Generic Release Notice can suffice for large events where individual release forms are not possible, please chat to your production manager to find out more.

Youtube SEO Tips

In this busy world of mass content, how can you get your newly produced video content to stand out from the crowd, Grab our tips to getting your video to stand out from the crowd on YouTube by doing the rights things to get it to the top of the list when somebody searches your chosen topic or keywords. Simply enter your email and Name and get the download link.
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Get your Viewers Engaged

Creating video content is only the first step in engaging your viewers and reaching your goals, just placing a video on the web will not generate views and sell your products/services, tell your story or educate your audience. There is still work to be done to tell your audience that the video content is available, get a few tips and tricks to growing your audience and then chat to us further and pick our brains on a solution that could work well for you, whether it be using SEO tools, Social Media or Offline solutions to support your video products