Synergy Video Showcase

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General Filming and Highlights

The options for filming at conferences and events are endless

  • Promotional Videos
  • Highlights Videos
  • Keynote and Speaker Interviews
  • Social Media Segments

The lists and possibilities are endless and can help engage your audience, quickly and easily whilst adding significant value to your event.

Conference and event Filming

How do you ensure that your audience get the best value out of your event? Allow them to re-visit the moments and information that resonated with them so they can full value the content and want to return to the next event, and more importantly tell others about your event so you can grow your audience. 

Check out a Fetured Playlist on one of our clients sites 

Or a microsite used for live streaming or where you can't deliver the videos on your site

Event Coverage and Multi Camera

Want general filming coverage, live to screen, mulitcamera mixes or something different. Our team of videographers have the skills and expertise to make it happen. We have a full suite of the latest video gear and a passion for events.

Sales and Web Videos

Want to engage your audience easer, at any time of the day and help your web rankings? Then look no further than a web video, our team have helped countless business grown their brand and connect with their audience
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