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Conference organizers face many challenges in delivering a successful event. To support them, we can offer our expertise, resources, and technology to help them plan, execute, and evaluate their conference. We are experts when it comes to all things technical and support you at all stages of your conference planning journey to ensure that you can deliver an engaging and memorable conference that meets the budgets and goals of your organisation.

Synergy Video can support you with...

Event Highlights and Social Videos

Remind your audience about every aspect and all the fun at your event with a highlights and social videos, capture elements from your whole event and give your audience a sense to reflect on the positive experience. Videos can even be delivered for playback before, during or after your event and can be a great tool to market the next event!

Virtual Speakers

We want your global and prominent speakers to connect and captivate your audience, whether they are in the room or online. Synergy Video can help you create compelling pre-recorded or live connections with your speakers using various platforms, so you can deliver the value your audience deserves.

Onsite Technical and Speaker Support

A successful event requires managing all elements and solving problems before they reach the audience. Imagine a speaker walking on stage and finding thier presentation not working - this would delay your event and lose your audience’s attention (and make the speaker unhappy). We can support you with your speaker prep and technical event management to ensure a smooth experience for both your speakers and your audience.

Event Audio Visual Services

Synergy Video offers affordable and customized solutions for your event’s audio visual services. As a full-service production house, we have the expertise and equipment to meet your audio visual needs, whether you are hosting a small event or a large conference. We also value your budget and only charge you for the equipment you need.

Event Technical Manager

Synergy Video is an independent company that works in your best interests to provide you with the technical elements you need for your event, within your budget. Let us be your independent technical manager. We can help you understand and negotiate the quotes from the venues and support you as your advocate in all aspects of technical planning and delivery. Whether you are hosting a small meeting or a large conference, Synergy Video is your trusted partner for your event’s audio-visual services.

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