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Case Study - Australian Grains Industry Conference 2018

Posted by Synergy Video on 8 August 2018
Case Study - Australian Grains Industry Conference 2018

Synergy Video has been working with the Grains Industry Conference in Melbourne for a few years now, however this year we have the opportunity to implement a couple of new features we introduced to our Streaming and conference capture service in the last few months

These included

  • A second remotely operated video Camera, this gave us the ability to get a better video mix for panels and other sessions where the viewer need not see the single-camera movements between states as we could cut to the secondary camera to cover it.  We utilised it a lot during the panel sessions and sessions where there were no slides match the speakers (great for the minsters) to allow a more visually appealing video. And the benefit it cost the conference organiser nothing extra as there was not a need for a camera operator to control the camera. The main operator could manage both cameras through remote control
  • Sponsors and informational loop that could be played during breaks, in the case of this event we utilised it to showcase the sponsors to the online audience and deliver messages to inform them if there were start time delays or Thanks messages
  • Check it out how it worked CLICK HERE TO WATCH
  • Video Overlays Ensuring the branding is constantly live on the video at all times

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