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Will an Online Event take people away from the event?

Posted by Synergy Video on 9 January 2018

When we start to look at the change happening with corporate events, there has started to be a big swing to taking the event online to generate more income, but most of all, generate more conversation. This has largely been seen in the government sector. As the trend starts to flow into the general corporate events market there has been one overall concern that stops a lot of event management companies from taking their events online.

Will it take people away from the actual event?

In general, if you use your online event well it can increase the onsite attendance over time and increase your revenue.

So how can it do this?

By using your online event to engage a wider audience you are able to encourage more people to want to be a part of and contribute to the real conversation thus wanting to attend the real world event.

A real-world example is sporting events. They are broadcast live to the world and yet they are sold out events. People want to be part of the atmosphere and part of the conversation.

So how do you achieve this with online events?

By using video streaming services you can quickly and cost-effectively get your event online. Once online, it is quick and easy to use the content to promote the next event through social channels and cost-effective marketing strategies.

Done well, it will generate a wealth of interest and conversation around the content and can be used to interest viewers to attend the next event.

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