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With the growth in engaging online content, video is playing an important role in the engagement of your conference or event audience, whether it be via your website or social media channel. Video is now a "must have" if you wish to connect to your audience and grow your event.
Video has the power to inform and engage your audience better than words and pictures on a page. It can energize them and make them excited about your event or topic. The power of video is endless...

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Event Highlights Videos

Remind your audience about every aspect and all the fun at your event with a highlights video, capture elements from your whole event and give your audience a sense to reflect on the positive experience. Videos can even be delivered for playback on gala dinners or during the event close and can be a great tool to market the next event!

Keynote and General Interviews

Help delegates continue the post event conversation by showcasing interviews from keynote speakers or industry leaders, delving deeper into what was spoken about. Even use it as a promotion to get people to attend the sessions, or let us grab Vox pops and create a sales video for the next conference or event. 

Social Media Videos

Engage your audience fast, create videos that can be delivered to your social network to promote elements of your event live as they happen, Vox pops with exhibitors, speakers and guests, news blasts about upcoming workshops or events. Your imagination is the limit. Why not think about 360 Videos as an option to get your audience engaged? 

Conference Opening and Power Videos

Create a powerful conference opening or presentational video that energizes your audience and makes them enthusiastic about attending. Make your event come to life right from the start and make your audience excited about attending.

Sales and Promotional Videos

Help sell your event or conference, quickly and easily. Sell the benefits and highlights of your next event to potential attendees and get them to 'buy now', all before they have had time to finish their cup of coffee.

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