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The Importance of Backups

Posted by Synergy Video on 29 August 2018

Backups... How does this relate to video filming for your event?

Well, let me ask you have you ever wondered what would happen if a video operator was filming your presenters and their slides and...

  • The SD card they were recording onto got corrupted
  • The power at the venue failed
  • The computer they stored all your rushes on whilst they were editing went pop
  • They arrived on site to find a piece of gear had stopped working

Synergy Video aims to alleviate any possibility of footage loss or in your case valuable content that just can't be reproduced by aiming to ensure backups are in place for every conceivable problem we have either encountered or can anticipate.

How might you ask?

Well, we run backup recordings on all equipment that we have in the room and backup date in 2 places (1 which we carry with us at all times till we get back to the office where our automated systems then do automatic backups).

We have redundancy systems or plans in place in the event of equipment failure.

And foremost we are just passionate about capturing your content and our experience in this space means that we know where the common problems are and have solutions and skills in place to reduce the risk of things happening.

So next time you look for a video production company ask them if they have backup plans in place to ensure no loss in data.

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