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Audience Engagement

Posted by Synergy Video on 1 January 2018

Are you looking for a few tips to drive viewer engagement in your videos post event? Check these out.

Firstly it is important to decide if the video content you are capturing is not about the amount of view but rather the outcome or the preservation of the information.

Based on this, here are a few ideas that past clients have used to drive conversation and engagement around their video productions and their topics.

Gold Nuggets

This one is not about food but rather simple rewards. In this, case what we can do is embed a slide (or ask a question about a slide) at a random location in all or just one of your videos. You then advertise through newsletters or email that there is a reward hidden (or which videos to find the answers in) in the video presentation(s) and once a viewer finds it can direct them to send an email or visit a website to claim a discount /enter a competition etc. It is essentially a great motivator to get the viewer to watch the video stream and therefore learn about the topic.

Social Media

We encourage you to use the video streaming in your social media, if you have a Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn Groups use the video productions in them to start conversations or even in current conversations if they have relevance you can easily drop the link in with a simple question about an idea a speaker put forward as a quick way of starting a conversation. By using free web services like http://goo.gl/ you can easily shorten the web link from the long length to a few characters thus enabling you to have a cleaner URL for placement on the social media sites and even use it in twitter with your tweets.

Newsletters & the Play from Button

Newsletters are a great tool to promote the video4 production, however, the webcast and YouTube platform have a handy little feature that helps you to really take conversations to the next level. The Play from Link is a great tool if you want to take a viewer straight to a particular location in the video, i.e say there is a really hot topic going around and one of your speakers has spoken about a great solution to it, all you need to do is write a quick blurb about it and then ask the reader of the newsletter to click on the link to view what he has to say about it, this then takes them straight to the hot topic and if they are keen they will then watch the remainder of the presentation.

As well as newsletters you can use this feature as part of your social media engagement if you need to reinforce a point or expand a conversation.

Constant Communication

With the amount of information on the web and the fact that we all seem to be busy people in our daily lives it is imperative that you firstly strike while the iron is hot and get the information into the hands of your audience quickly, but it is also important that you use to follow up techniques and reminders in the weeks and months to come. Promote your videos (and more importantly the benefit of watching them) via any websites/email footer / social media/newsletter or hard print medium you have available. If your potential audience does not know that the content is there they will not go looking for it and thus will not get to take up the content and understand the message.

Other ideas include

  • Use the video production in future presentations
  • Build them into Blogs on your or other websites
  • Feature them prominently on your landing page of your site
  • If you have engaged a sponsor to support your videos get them to send it out to their database
  • Use QR codes to make it easy for mobile devices to get to the content from print media
  • Advertise the content before it is released to your delegates in pre-conference releases and during the event
  • Use it in a training course
  • Most importantly people watch a video to get some sort of benefit or meet a need. Make sure you promote the reason to watch not just the fact that it is available to watch.
Should you require any information on these ideas or any of our Webcasting or Video-Streaming options please contact us.
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