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Affordable Recording Solutions

Posted on 6 February 2020

Affordable Conference Recording Solutions

Synergy Video like challenging the norm. With the need to be more efficient in what we do to deliver better cost savings to your event, we have started delivering multi room recordings with a single operator.

We are finding that the bulk of event are running a few breakout rooms for only a small portion of the day however if they want them recorded, they need to pay for another operator to manage that room and this is where the cost start to add up. If we are looking to record 2 or 3 breakout rooms it was usually a case of needing an operator just to start and stop the record in the room and monitor it. In Most cases the operator does not even touch the camera as the presenter says static behind a lectern

To us this seems like a waste of money, we have started offering services where one operator will manage multiple rooms doing regular check and pressing the record button in each room as needed. This is a great savings to your event and allows you to deliver better value to your audience.
It has worked successfully on a range of events in 2019 and we will use it again in 2020.

Have a chat to us today to find out if this solution can work for your event.

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