The Journey Simple

About Synergy Video

For over 15 years Synergy Video has been helping event organisers and business owners grow and connect with their audiences. But for us it is not just about what we do, it is about how we do it. We are not just about doing the recording/editing, we also work closely with our clients to use our experience to guide and make your journey as easy as possible, along with effective in acheiving your objectives.
We only remember
10% of what we see 20% of what we hear and
30% of what we see and hear
It is for this reason that I believe every event should be captured so that your audience can re-visit the content and feel that they got the important information that was delivered (and thus value from attending), but as well as that, with the power of streaming or on-demand filming you have the ability to connect to a wider audience that may not have been able to attend

About Me

Capturing and sharing memorable events and people via the power of video is both a professional and personal passion. I first became hooked on the magic of video as a 15yr whilst filming and editing local school and community projects. This set me off on a career path and I started my own professional venture as a wedding videographer.

But after several fun years capturing brides and families I knew my future lay in the commercial and event production world. I saw the trends and impact that emerging technologies would have on how brands, events, and companies would be able to communicate and grow their audience, clients and brand.

In Nov 2017 I purchased the Video Conferencing division of Blue Shadow Group. After managing this division for 13 years it was a logical step to purchase the business unit to meet existing client and market needs.

Over the 15 years that I have run commercial video businesses there has also been an influx of social media channels and digital platforms. This has totally changed and amplified the way events, conferences, corporate, training, and promotional videos are captured and shared. Live streaming thus enabled an exponential increase in audience, stakeholder and client engagement levels globally.

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