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Multicamera live mixes without the cost

Posted by Synergy Video on 22 August 2018

Event videographyHow you ask? Well, with all multicamera solutions the main cost is the fact that you need an operator for each camera to ensure it is not just a video camera stuck on a single shot, as you add camera operators to your event, these costs add up and can make your video production cost just go beyond budget.

This is where our latest solution comes into play, we have implemented a new system where we can have a single operator live mixing and controlling multiple cameras, how you might ask, well we don't have superpowers and can stretch our arms long distances, we utilise remotely controlled cameras that deliver great quality video and different video angles without the operator.

Yes, the reality is that this may not be the solution for a fast-paced concert where you need a really fast cuts and special movement of your cameras but it can be used in conjunction with a couple of operators to allow for extra cameras and is an excellent solution for Conferences / Gala Dinners / Announcements and awards ceremonies to get a better video stream for your audience either online as a live stream or in the venue.

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